Startup Ideas Workshops

Science & Technology Today foundation in The Netherlands was founded to stimulate technological innovation in Europe and to promote entrepreneurship in technology. We focus on the following areas: energy, environment, construction, mobility, materials, life sciences, ICT and agriculture.

In our work we see a lot of innovative technologies, products and services that can very well be used to start a technology company with.

We also meet a lot of entrepreneurs who want to start a company, but are looking for a suitable innovation to do it with.

So we want to connect the innovative technologies with the entrepreneurs. We do this by organising one-day workshops in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy. In these workshops we present the most promising technologies, products, services and markets that we encounter.

Our planning for 2018 is as follows:

January: Germany (Düsseldorf area)

February: Germany (München area)

March: France (Paris area)

April: Italy (Milan area)

The workshops are also a great place to meet your fellow entrepreneurs that you may partner with in the future. The fee for the workshops is € 90,-. You can register by sending an e-mail to

We also do consulting and market research for individual companies about promising products and services, opportunities and developments in technology. For more information, please contact us on