Startup Idea

Successful entrepreneurs invest time, effort and money into finding the right startup idea. They know that it doesn’t have to be their idea. It just needs to be a good startup idea with the potential to grow into a successful company.

Science & Technology Today foundation is based in The Netherlands and is specialised in worldwide innovation research into successful startups, technological developments and market opportunities.

We assist existing companies in product development and startup entrepreneurs in developing their startup idea. Based on your personal interests and passions we search for the right ideas that we discuss with you either in personal meetings or in online chat sessions. At the end of this process you have a startup idea with potential and a basic business plan.

Our fee for online work is €60 (+VAT) per hour and on average we work 10-20 hours per client. We can also meet on your location. Prices are on request.

For only €19,95 (+VAT) per month you can also join our European startup network which includes:

  • a monthly update with the best innovations and startup ideas that we found from around the world
  • open brainstorm workshops where we translate market trends to business opportunities
  • workshops on how to write a business plan that attracts investment
  • free classified ads to connect to other startup entrepreneurs

If you are interested in our services, please contact us on