Innovation Research

Innovation research helps you to stay (ahead) in business.

Innovation is a double edged sword. It can totally disrupt companies, industries and regions. But it also creates tomorrow’s business. So what can you do about it?

The most important advice is to set up a systematic scan to spot the innovations that threaten your business or create opportunities. The earlier you spot these, the better for your business.

Science & Technology Today foundation is a leader in worldwide innovation research and we can assist you in setting up this type of market and technology scan. We do consulting and market research for companies, startups and governmental organisations from around the world.

We combine our research findings with your company’s strategy, processes, products, services and R&D to create a complete picture of the threats and opportunities. We also help you create new products and services based on the market and technology trends we spot.

At the end our main goal is to create your competitive advantage and make sure that your company stays (ahead) in business.

For more information and applications, please contact us on or contact Drs. Remco Schrijver on +31 653 52 52 14.