Innovation Research

How do you stay ahead in business?

If you are a reseller, you want to acquire distribution rights of promising new products and services. And you want to acquire them before your competitors do.

If you are a production company, you want to acquire the licenses of technologies that will disrupt your products and production processes. And getting them first gives you a competitive advantage.

In short, you want to be the first to know. But how do you find innovations for your company in the information avalanche called the internet?

Science & Technology Today foundation is a European leader in worldwide innovation research. We do consulting and market research for companies and governmental organisations about promising products and services, opportunities, threats and developments in technology.

We can assist you by specifically looking for innovations that suit your company and give you a first mover advantage. If required, we can translate our research results into German, French, Italian or Spanish. We also assist people who want to start their own business.

To make an appointment and discuss your requirements and our services and rates, please contact us on