Boiler Room Program

As you will know, the world is facing some pretty big challenges in the areas of energy systems, water supply, environment, agriculture, production and life sciences.

Although a lot of research is being done on these topics, the actual implementation rate and implementation speed of promising solutions is slow. One of the main reasons for this is that the ideas did not meet the right team of entrepreneurs (yet).

One of the principal things a venture capital firm looks for in a proposal is the team. Does the team have the necessary combination of managerial, technical, financial, commercial and legal skills and experience? Combine the right team with an idea that they are enthusiastic about, and you have a potential winner.

Science & Technology Today foundation researches innovations and we see a lot of potentially good innovations go to waste because they don’t connect with the right team. That is why we are developing our Boiler Room Program where we develop teams and seed them with ideas.

The Boiler Room Program is open to all individuals who are interested in starting a  technology company and have a minimum of three years experience in the areas of:

  • engineering
  • (project) management
  • international sales
  • corporate finance
  • corporate law

To apply for membership of the Boiler Room Program, you can send your resume to Once selected you can become a member. The annual membership fee is € 120 which gives you free access to the team meetups in your country and tech updates.

So if you are ready to tackle the world’s biggest challenges, change you career and start building a company, join our Boiler Room Program now.