About us



We believe that science & technology can offer solutions to real life problems and can enhance our daily lives and the planet we live on. Our main goals are to:

  • share these research findings, ideas, innovations and best practices
  • connect people in science, business and public organisations
  • promote entrepreneurship in technology


Science & Technology Today is a not-for-profit foundation, based in the Netherlands. We started in 2016 and work with a team of professionals on innovation research and the production and publication of worldwide news about science & technology.


At this moment we focus on the following areas: energy, environment, construction, mobility, materials, life sciences, ICT and agriculture.



The target audience for our website either works in science & technology or has an interest in it. They are scientists, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers. It is our ambition to reach a global English speaking audience of 50.000+ visitors in 2017 growing to 100.000+ in 2018.


If you are interested in our services, please contact us at editor@sciencetechnology.today